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Your Local Specialty Coffee Shop

Fresh daily roast coffee beans out of your specialty coffee shop near you!

Our Menu

Sweet Coffee, Delicious Food, and Baked Goods

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How We Roast, Brew, and Serve with Love!

Have you ever wonder why the cup of your coffee tastes better at Barbarossa?


Everything starts with a batch of green bean to meet in a drum!


Strong smell of a fresh ground coffee then drips into your cup!


The story of your cup of coffee ends at the moment you take the first sip!

B a r b a r o s s a C o f f e e
B a r b a r o s s a C o f f e e

Premium Coffee Blends for Everyone

At Barbarossa Coffee Roasters, we do offer more than 18 different single-origin coffee beans alongside with many premium blends that serve for almost all situations; espresso, pour-over, house-drip, cold brew, and many more! Discover what best suits your type of brew! 

B a r b a r o s s a C o f f e e R o a s t e r s
B a r b a r o s s a C o f f e e R o a s t e r s

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    Welcome to Barbarossa, an online heaven for true coffee lovers.